MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In tonight’s What’s Working, the wife of former Major League Baseball player and coach, Turner Ward, opens up about a subject she has kept quiet about for years.

Donna Ward has just written a book about her battle with breast cancer. It’s called “Unexpected Hope.”

This is the cover of Donna Ward’s book.

Ward was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago, and after an unsuccessful double mastectomy, underwent eleven more surgeries. She kept a journal during her journey because her husband was often across the country coaching baseball. Even though he is her strongest supporter, she sometimes felt alone in her battle. She kept quiet and didn’t share many of her feelings with family and friends.

“From the outside looking in, people would say, ‘Wow she has it all. Look who she is married to.’ Breast cancer doesn’t care who you are,” Donna said.

Turner recalls taking red-eye flights to get home to her as much as possible. He gets emotional thinking about what she has gone through and how strong she is.

“I am so proud of her. She wouldn’t say it, but there was a time she could barely lift her arms because of the pain and surgeries but she would still be writing,” Turner Ward said. “Donna told me the saddest thing. She told me, ‘I am losing hope,’ and I said ‘No. You are not losing hope. You are going to have hope.'”

While Donna experienced some darkness, she found hope by writing her book. She realized that if she took the focus off of herself, she would be happier. Her whole focus now is helping other women.

“Forty percent of the women out there have bad breast reconstruction…unsuccessful. I need to help these people make choices and let them know they have options,” Donna said.

“Watching her help women is what gets us going,” Turner Ward added.

If you would like to learn more about Donna Ward’s Book, Unexpected Hope, here is a link to her website. She also has a local book signing scheduled for Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope August 27th.