MOBILE, Ala. ()WKRG) — A popular local singer-songwriter is booking gigs and back to making music after the pandemic crippled the music industry. Eric Erdman is happy to be back on stage and putting out a new album at the end of this month. It’s called “Enough.”

The Covid 19 pandemic made life for musicians very difficult. Erdman says they could not play in front of live audiences.

“The basis of our job as musicians is gathering people. That is the antithesis of what we are doing when there is a disease that is socially distancing us. That is the opposite of what our career goal is,” Erdman said.

For decades, Erdman has traveled the world sharing his original music. His career had reached a high note, right when the pandemic hit. He had signed a contract to be the backup band for Rod Stewart. He knew he had to get creative since he couldn’t go on tour. He began writing his new album and was thrilled to have the time to collaborate with other respected musicians.

“I found a benefit I was not expecting which was some of the collaborations I was hoping to have. They were able to happen during the pandemic when they weren’t able to before because we were both touring so it was hard to schedule things.”

Erdman is excited to be back booking shows and sharing his new album. He said the title song, “Enough,” speaks to the fact that just making music is enough for him to achieve happiness.

“I get to play the music that I love. I show up at work and it’s fun. I look forward to it. What is the goal? That is enough. That is the idea of the song…what I have is perfect.”

Erdman is hosting a kick-off concert at the Joe Jefferson Playhouse Friday, May 27th. You can visit his website here for ticket information.