MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG)– In tonight’s What’s Working, proof that some people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions. We met a Mobile man who made a resolution to get healthy two years ago, and he’s kept his promise.

Two years ago, John Grow weighed 279 pounds and says he was morbidly obese. He went to the doctor who told him some news that jolted him to take action.

John Grow weighed 297 pounds, before losing 90 pounds. His doctor said he needed to be on a statin. He decided to lose weight and has since been able to avoid medication.

“My physician told me, ‘I want to put you on a statin,’ and I said ‘I can do it myself,'” Grow said.

He has done it himself. He is down ninety pounds by adding in more exercise, whole grains, giving up sugar, and eating whole grains.

“I have made resolutions before and the problem with the resolution was me,” Grow said.

Getting fit is a common resolution for many people at gyms across the country, including at Crunch Fitness in Mobile. General Manager, Kamila Newsome, says they have a lot of new members. She recommends making small goals. For example ten pounds at a time, or moving up to heavier weights. She also says not to give up if you temporarily break your resolution.

“Just do some stretching or maybe a 5-10 minute walk and start from there,” Newsome said. “If you have kids, take them out with you. You just want to stay active.”

Grow said setting small goals was the key to his success.

“I would set your goals small,” said Grow. “I set my goal for 10 pounds. Then, I moved onto the next 10 pounds, and the next 10 pounds.”

He adds the key to success is forming a habit.