CITRONELLE, Ala. (WKRG) — In Tonight’s what’s working, a local volunteer fire department is gaining a lot of attention on social media.

They are showing step-by-step what it is like to fight a fire. With a family’s permission, they post videos of the major fires they fight in North Mobile County.

Capt. Chazz Stringer purchased a fire cam that is mounted on his helmet several years ago. He thought it might be a good training tool for his fellow volunteer firefighters. They have training meetings every Tuesday night and often review footage of a fire so that they can improve their response.

“Going back and looking at the footage. It is fulfilling, but it is heartbreaking,” Stringer said.

Chief John Simison says the videos have opened people’s eyes to what’s involved in being a firefighter.

“We are trying to let the public know what we are seeing, what we are doing, what we are dealing with,” Simison said.

The videos also show the sacrifice firefighters make, especially an all-volunteer department. Chief Simison says many people have stopped him in town to thank him for the hard work of the department. None of the firefighters are paid, and all work a second job. He says they are truly part of the department to help the community.

The footage that Captain Stringer has uploaded to social media is dramatic. To view it, visit the Citronelle Fire Rescue Facebook page.