MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In tonight’s What’s Working, Mobile Fire-Rescue now has new equipment to keep the public safe. They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. The new equipment will help firefighters save more lives. They have purchased new thermal imaging cameras and new Jaws of Life Equipment.

The new high-tech cameras are replacing the current fleet of cameras. There are enough for every fire truck. Firefighters carry them into a fire, and the camera can essentially allow that person to see in the dark. They light up anything that is a heat source.

“They can use the cameras to locate hot spots, fire in the walls, fire in the ceilings or downed victims,” said Steven Millhouse, the spokesperson for Mobile Fire-Rescue.

Millhouse said they are especially helpful in the case of finding a child who may be hiding under a bed.

“Let’s say we have a toddler trapped in a room, who is hiding. We need to be able to use the camera and they will show up plain as day. They are right here! That will save time and save lives,” said Millhouse.

The department also purchased Jaws of Life equipment that is lighter and easier to use. Millhouse said the equipment will cut through metal like it’s a piece of paper, making it easier free a trapped person.

The total cost of all the equipment is over $235,000.