MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In tonight’s What’s Working, a huge honor for a Murphy High School senior. Jakayla Armstrong of Troop 283 at Liberty Missionary Baptist Church has become the first African American female in the Mobile Area Council to achieve the Eagle Scout rank. This is the highest rank you can earn in the Boy Scouts of America. She is also the first African American female in the state of Alabama to achieve this honor.

Girls were allowed into the Boy Scouts back in 2019. Armstrong said she chuckled when Scoutmaster, and fellow choir member, Fred Young, suggested she join.

“Mr. Fred approached me and asked me about what I thought about being in Boy Scouts. I thought that was for boys,” Armstrong said.

Young says he knew that she would accomplish what it takes to become an Eagle. One of the biggest tests of becoming an Eagle Scout is conducting a service project that works for the betterment of a community with a long-lasting impact. Jakayla’s project involved building care packages at the Wilmer Hall Children’s Home where she volunteered her time in community service for three weeks.

“When it was announced she was going to be an Eagle, I didn’t let her see me cry. I am getting teary now even. I am so excited for her what this will accomplish for her, and how it’s going to move her along in her life,” Young said.

Scout executive William Bryant says Armstrong is an example for others.

“It’s great. It shows the diversity in scouting. It shows girls can do anything that boys can do, and it also shows we need more girls in scouting,” Bryant said.

Armstrong says all the late nights were worth it, especially to be the first African American female Eagle Scout in the state.

“It feels great knowing that I made history. It’s a great feeling. A couple of years ago if you said I was going to be an Eagle Scout. I would never thought it would be me. There is no limit on the things you can do,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong plans to attend the University of Alabama next year.