MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In tonight’s What’s Working, a brand new store has opened in downtown Mobile with the goal of getting people healthy. ShaMyra Sylvester, the owner of Ginger and Spice, says she is trying to reverse people’s bad habits and get them addicted to cold-pressed juice. She opened up her juice and smoothie cafe in the heart of downtown Mobile on Dauphin Street next to the Peanut Shop.

Sylvester says she didn’t grow up eating healthy and sees many of her relatives on medications for health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

“A part of why I created Ginger and Spice is to let the black community know that there is power in taking back your health,” Sylvester said. “By hearing my mom talk about taking all these medicines for treating their illnesses, I started looking at my own health and navigating my own ways of eating, and I started eating better.”

Almost everything in her store is raw and vegan. You will find cold-pressed juice, smoothies, smoothie bowls with toppings, and food options like avocado toast with smoked salmon, and kale wraps.

“I know that my children won’t grow up eating some of the things that I ate in survival mode. There are alternative options that are healthy, that are sustaining that are going to make sure your life takes the course it’s supposed to take naturally,” Sylvester said.

Sylvester got the store opened in time for Mardi Gras. Employee Jalen Shakoor says they were flooded with revelers.

“Over Mardi Gras, we got completely cleaned out. The juice container was full, and people were coming in wanting help for a hangover,” Shakoor said.

“We make it fun and tasty. Health doesn’t have to be boring or stale. Our food is going to be good for your body,” Sylvester said.

Ginger and Spice is located at 209 Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile. For more information, here is a link to the store’s Instagram page.