MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Have you ever noticed out of all of the tornadoes we see along the Gulf Coast that most of them are weak? This has to do with a combination of ingredients in our atmosphere.

Along the Gulf Coast we’ve had 37 tornadoes since the begging of the year. Which make some question with that many tornadoes, how many fatalities? The answer – none.
“We have not had any EF-3 tornadoes, we have had 6 EF-2 tornadoes,” said Jason Beaman, NWS Mobile Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

On the EF Scale, EF-2 tornadoes can have strong winds and can produce significant damage. The tornadoes are ranked based on the amount of damage they produce. Most of the tornadoes we see are EF-0 or EF-1 strength. 

“To get the intense tornadoes we have the have the perfect balance of conditions,” Jason explained.

The right amount of shear, instability, moisture and lift. Living along the coast, its rare to see a long track, strong tornado. That’s not to say that it cant happen.

“Sometimes we have so much moisture here along the Gulf Coast, we get a lot of thunderstorms at once and they kind of compete with each other,” Beaman said. “The Oklahoma tornado that you see, that’s one thunderstorm with nothing else around it and its able to take advantage of the perfect environment it has to produce those more violent tornadoes.”

The stronger tornadoes typically happen with single, lone thunderstorms, with nothing else around. As we head into summer the jet stream retreats north and the severe weather threat lowers. But you should still stay prepared. Make sure to go over a severe weather plan with your family and to always stay safe.