What is a Tornado Warned Waterspout?


Mobile, Ala. (WKRG)- A few weeks ago there was a waterspout  that formed over Mobile Bay that did get close enough to land for the National Weather Service of Mobile to issue a tornado warning for that water spout. That’s what we call a “Tornado Warned Waterspout”.

 It is the potential for the waterspout to move on land that could bring significant damage and injuries to people. Tornadic waterspouts are basically tornadoes that form over water. It goes through the similar process of formation from a super-cell.

If the National Weather Service feels like it could threaten land then the National Weather Service will issue a Tornado Warning for that waterspout. 

Typically the life time of the waterspout after it intercepts land isn’t long but it could still bring a dangerous situation for the residents that live close to the coast. 


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