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Tropical Storm Beryl strengthens

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) - Tropical Storm Beryl is a strong but small tropical storm in the central Atlantic, over 1000 miles east of Barbados and the Lesser Antilles. As of late evening, maximum wind reached 65mph.

Beryl will continue a westward track toward the Lesser Antilles as we move into the weekend.

In the short term, Beryl will likely continue to strengthen and might eventually become a minimal hurricane.

As it moves towards the Caribbean it will move into an environment with more wind shear and dry air. Both of which fight against tropical systems and will likely lead to weakening and dissipation of Beryl, late in the weekend. This is why the official forecast for Beryl only goes out three days instead of the standard five. 

Beryl is not a threat to the Gulf Coast.

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