MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Last year, the National Weather Service introduced enhanced severe weather warnings to more accurately communicate the threats associated incoming thunderstorms. You will now see those differentiated alerts when you tune into WKRG during severe weather events.


1) Tornado Warning – Issued for a storm capable of producing a tornado at any time. This alert appears as a red box with a solid red outline.

2) Tornado Warning with Confirmed Tornado on the Ground – Issued for a storm that has produced a tornado. This can be a confirmed tornado via radar or a human spotter on the ground. This alert appears as a red box with a blinking red outline.

3) Tornado Emergency – This alert is issued in the rarest of circumstances. This is issued when a destructive tornado is on the ground, doing damage, and moving into a high-population center. This is the most significant of severe weather alerts and will appear on WKRG as a purple box with a blinking purple outline.


1) Severe Thunderstorm Warning – Issued with a storm capable of winds greater than 58 mph and/or hail greater than 1.00″ in diameter. A CONSIDERABLE tag may be added to the warning if winds could exceed 70-75 mph. This alert will appear on WKRG as a yellow box with a solid yellow outline.

2) Destructive Severe Thunderstorm Warning – This alert is issued for storms capable of significant damage from winds greater than or equal to 80 mph. A Destructive Storm Warning may also be issued for storms producing hail greater than 2.75″ in diameter. This alert will appear on WKRG as a yellow box with a blinking yellow outline.

Regardless of the type alert issued, you should always take any severe weather threat seriously. You should always have a severe weather plan and know where to go with active weather approaches.