WEATHER ALERT: The Severe Threat Has Ended – LIVE BLOG



2:30 AM – ALL CLEAR. The Severe Weather threat has come to an end for the News 5 area.

2:00 AM – The SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Southern Escambia (FL), Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa County has expired. There are no active severe weather warnings in the News 5 area.

12:11 AM- SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Escambia [FL], Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Baldwin County till 1:00 am

12:04 AM- TORNADO WARNING CANCELS for Baldwin County. Emergency managers are reporting multiple reports of storm damage

11:55 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING issued for Okaloosa County till 1:00 am

11:52 PM – TORNADO WARNING cancels tornado warning for southern Baldwin County


11:47 PM – TORNADO WARNING USSED for Escambia [FL] and Baldwin County [AL] till 12:15 am

11:46 PM– Loxely measured winds of 74 mph

11:43 PM – Possible tornado moving along county road 32, moving into River Park

11:38 PM – Possible tornado coming ashore Point Clear in Baldwin County. Seek Shelter NOW!

11:27 PM – TWO TORNADO WARNINGS issued for Northern and central Baldwin County and Escambia County till 12:15 am. Moving SE at 45 mph

11:10 PM– POSSIBLE TORNADO ON THE GROUND at Tillmans Corner moving SE at 55 mph.

11:07 PM – TORNADO WARNING for Mobile County till 11:45 pm.

11:05 PM – TORNADO WARNING for Mobile County till 11:30 pm.

10:55 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Mobile County until 11:45 PM.

10:39 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Mobile (AL) and George (MS) counties.

10:36 PM – TORNADO WATCH canceled for Greene, Washington, Clarke, and Monroe. Continues for all other counties until 4 am.

10:02 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING canceled for Mobile, Baldwin, Escambia [AL}, Clarke and Escambia [FL]

9:47 PM- TORNADO WARNING canceled for Baldwin, Clarke and Washington County.

9:43 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING issued for Mobile, Baldwin, Escambia [AL}, Clarke and Escambia [FL] till 10:30 pm

9:39 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING canceled for Greene County

9:36 PM – TORNADO WATCH for ALL of our counties till 4:00 am

9:24 PM – TORNADO WARNING issued for Baldwin, Clarke and Washington County till 10:00 pm

9:20 PM – DAMAGE REPORT: Avera [Greene County], trees and power lines down on ms 63. Reported at 8:38 pm

9:08 PM – TORNADO WARNING for Washington County till 11:00 pm. Radar indicated rotation located near Fruitdale moving east at 50 mph. Along HW 17 south of Tibbie get into your tornado safe place!

9:05 PM- FLASH FLOOD WARNING for Baldwin, Clarke, Monroe, Washington and Escambia (AL) County till 12:00 AM

9:02 PM – TORNADO WARNING EXPIRES for Greene County, replaced with a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING till 10:00 pm

8:52 PM – SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING issued for Washington County until 9:45 pm

8:22 PM – TORNADO WARNING issued for Greene County. Located near Augusta and working its way into Greene County as its moving East at 50 mph. Roberts Rd, Pleasant Hill Rd and Byrd get in your Tornado Safe Place!

8:10 PM – FLASH FLOOD WARNING issued for Clarke, Washington and Greene County till 11:15 PM

7:32 PM- TORNADO WARNING Canceled for Monroe County

7:11 PM- TORNADO WARNING issued for Monroe County. Strong rotation located 8 miles west of Pine Apple moving East at 50 mph. Pine Apple take cover now!

6:59 PM – TORNADO WATCH extended into Jackson County and George County until 11 pm

6:59 PM – TORNADO WARNING CANCELED for Clarke County. CONTINUES for Monroe County. Cities in immediate path: Buena Vista, Chestnut and Vredenburgh

6:37 PM – FUNNEL CLOUD CONFIRMED: Near Grove Hill at the intersection at US84 and US43

6:32 PM- TORNADO WARNING in Clarke and Monroe County till 7:15 PM. Severe thunderstorm capable of producing both tornadoes and extensive straight line wind damage . Moving East at 50 mph.

6:26 PM- TORNADO WARNING CONTINUES in Clarke County. Radar indicated rotation located 8 miles SE of Putnam and 11 miles west of Thomasville moving East at 40 mph.

6:19 PM- CONFIRMED FUNNEL CLOUD LOCATED: US 43 at Clarke/Marengo County line at US Highway 43

6:14 PM- SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING in Clarke County in effect till 6:45 PM. Cities impacted: Grove Hill, Coffeeville, Center Point, Chilton, and Springfield.

6:03 PM – TORNADO WARNING in Clarke County until 6:45 PM.

5:43 PM – TORNADO WARNING just outside our area in Choctaw County until 6:30 PM. We are watching closely.

TORNADO WARNING in Choctaw County (just outside our area) until 6:30 PM

5:00 PM – We are starting to see warnings just outside our area. See below. Stay weather alert…

Current warnings just outside our area as of 5:20 PM.

4:00 PM – Tornado Watch until 11 pm for Greene MS, Washington AL, Clarke, AL, Monroe AL, Conecuh AL, and Escambia AL.


2:18 PM – All of our counties have a Wind Advisory in place until 1 am tomorrow with southerly winds 20-25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph SEPARATE from thunderstorm winds.

2:12 PM – Clarke, Conecuh and Monroe counties are under a Flash Flood Watch until 1 am tomorrow morning.

12:07 PM – The National Weather Service Office in Mobile says that a Tornado Watch will likely be issued for parts of the News 5 viewing area by mid to late afternoon. We will continue to monitor.

10:00 AM – A MODERATE RISK of severe weather is in place for areas north of Mobile Bay. There is a slightly lower risk to the south and along coastal areas. All modes of severe weather will be possible including damaging winds, tornadoes, and hail. The severe weather threat will increase after 2 PM and continue past sunset.

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