Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) – Happy FRIDAY, Gulf Coast!

ALERTS – Today there is a Flood Watch for some areas…Those generally south of the highway 84 corridor are under another Flood Watch until 6 PM for the potential of flooding rains later today.

RAINFALL AND FLOODING – Moving into the afternoon, rain chances will be on the rise (70% chance) especially south of highway 84. Because of the amount of rain we have seen, any additional heavy rainfall will likely cause flooding. Rain chances go down a little bit this weekend to around 50%-60% both Saturday and Sunday. Any rain that does fall could be heavy and cause flooding once again. You will still see rain this weekend, just not as much.

TEMPS – Temps will stay below average in the 80’s because of the higher rain chances. Lows will stay muggy in the 70’s.

TROPICS – We are tracking two tropical waves in the Atlantic Basin. The first is off the coast of Africa and has a low chance for development. The second just entered the Caribbean Sea and also has a low chance for development. We will keep a close eye on these and keep you updated.