It’s another warm mid-May day.  Temperatures start in the mid 60s this morning and warm to near 90 this afternoon—about 5 degrees warmer than average.

You’ll feel every bit of that 90 degrees.  In addition to summer-ish temperatures, we’ll throw in summer-ish humidity.  We’re also starting to get sea breezes in the afternoons, and that will lead to some late-day showers and a few thunderstorms.  Rain chance is 30% today, so not everyone gets rain…but the thunderstorms that manage to develop could be whoppers.

Tonight will be quiet, with patchy fog near daybreak and a low in the upper 60s.

Saturday brings scattered afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms.  Rain chance 40% with partly cloudy skies in-between the showers.

There will be fewer showers and more sun Sunday and Monday.  Rain chance both days 20.  High temperatures hover near 90 through Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly sunny and even warmer, with highs topping out in the low-mid 90s.