Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) – Happy Tuesday, Gulf Coast!

Throughout the morning, we could see a couple of storms near the coast but most will see partly cloudy skies to start. Scattered showers and storms are possible this afternoon at around a 40% chance. The rain will be very hit-or-miss, but if a storm does form over your area it could be strong with lightning, thunder and gusty winds. High temps will hit the upper 80’s for most.

Rain chances increase to between 60% and 70% starting Thursday as a front stalls over our area. This will bring more moisture which will help boost those rain chances. Temps will stay in the mid-to-upper 80’s.

In the tropics, we are tracking four areas, but none are threats to our area. Hurricane Danielle is starting to weaken as it moves further into the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic away from the United States. Tropical Storm Earl is slowly organizing in the central Atlantic. This will continue to develop as it moves away from the United States as well. The third area is clouds and low pressure off the coast of Africa (medium chance for development) with another tropical wave nearby that has a low chance for development. These are very far away and we have plenty of time to watch.