Hot and hazy Wednesday


MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) – After a couple of strong thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening, most of the rain has come to an end. Other than a stray shower, tonight will be quiet and mild with lows near 74.

Tomorrow brings even higher heat with middle 90s to possibly upper for highs and heat indices around 105! Our skies won’t provide much relief with only a 1 and 5 chance a shower finds you.

You probably have noticed a bit of haze or a milky sky the last day or so. That’s actually dust that originated from the Saharan Desert. This is nothing uncommon as there is usually a decent amount of dust in the tropical Atlantic that forms the Saharan Air Layer. When it’s strong like it is now, it effectively suppresses tropical development. If the winds are strong enough, an offshoot of the dust can make it here, like we are currently seeing. It won’t have any drastic impacts, but it may trigger sensitive allergies or sinuses. By Thursday this will begin to ease out of here.

For Thursday we won’t see many changes compared to tomorrow. As we move towards the weekend our rain chances will creep up slightly and the heat will ease a bit.

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