Elberta, Ala. (WKRG) – WKRG News 5 viewer, John Gruesser, caught a glimpse of a fog bow over Elberta this morning!

Fog bows form much like rainbows. Rainbows form when light reflects and refracts through water droplets when the sun hits these droplets at a specific angle. In fog bows, instead of water droplets, the light is being refracted and reflected through cloud droplets which are MUCH smaller. This is why the fog bows are pure white. For one to occur, you usually have a thin layer of fog with a very bright sun above. For this to happen the warm air near the ground rises, cools, and condenses. A fog bow arc only appears where the sunlight hits this condensation at a specific angle. They also can be seen in the opposite direction of the sun.