First day of fall will feel summer-like


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Hello everyone, hopefully, it was a good weekend.

Fall began this morning at 2:50 AM, but our weather this week will be much more summer-like. The day starts comfortable and clear. Temperatures will warm steadily and by mid-afternoon, most will be in the lower to middle 90s. Highs this time of year should be in the mid-80s. Skies will be filled with plenty of sunshine.

Tonight, with a slight bump in humidity, will be warmer than the last few nights with lows in the upper 60s to lower 70s compared to middle and upper 60s. Skies will be clear.

A cold front moving across the eastern US will stall before it gets here. This will help lock in higher humidity and warmer temperatures. For the rest of the work week, each day brings something similar. Days will start in the lower to mid 70s, highs will reach the lower and middle 90s (we could get close to records some days), and starting tomorrow we’ll see a handful of showers each day.


There are three tropical cyclones we are tracking, however, there is no foreseeable tropical threats to our stretch of the Gulf.

Let’s start with the newest storm. TD 13 has become a tropical storm, Lorenzo. It just came off the coast of Africa and is forecast to become a hurricane. It will continue moving west-northwest while strengthening. By the end of the week, it will turn north into the Central Atlantic. This is not a threat to land.

Jerry is a tropical storm and will move towards Bermuda in the next 48 hours and then will move eastward into the north-central Atlantic.

Karen is also a tropical storm and we are watching this one with the most interest. Karen may weaken some but will bring heavy rains to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by tomorrow. It will then continue moving north, but there is a lot of uncertainty in the long-range. Some forecast models continue taking it north harmlessly out to sea, but there are some models that turn it west towards the United States.

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