Denver sets largest October temperature swings on record


DENVER — The largest one- and two-day temperature swings in October were recorded in Denver on Wednesday and Thursday.

After reaching 83 degrees just before 2 p.m. Wednesday, the temperature plunged to a record-low 13 degrees just before midnight Thursday — a 70-degree swing.

It ties for the second-largest temperature drop over two days in Denver recorded weather history that dates to 1872 — and the largest in October.

The largest two-day temperature change in Denver is 76 degrees on Dec. 13-14, 2008, when it went from 58 degrees to minus-18 degrees.

On Feb. 5-6, 1933, it went from 60 degrees to minus-10 degrees, also a 70-degree drop.

On Wednesday, the low reached 28 degrees at Denver International Airport, the official weather recording station for the city, at 11:59 p.m. — a 55-degree swing in 10 hours.

That tied for the 12th-biggest one-day temperature change in Denver recorded history — and the largest in October.

The all-time largest one-day temperature swing is 66 degrees, when it went from 46 degrees to minus-20 degrees on Jan. 25, 1872.

A strong cold front moved into Colorado on Wednesday night, bringing cold temperatures, gusty winds and snow.

Wednesday marked the first freeze of the season in Denver. The average first freeze is Oct. 7.

A trace of snow was recorded Wednesday at the airport, but 1 inch fell on Thursday for the first official snowfall of the season. Denver’s average first snowfall of the season is Oct. 18.

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