Here’s how your child’s drawing could be featured on News 5 and  Be sure to download a color sheet on Greer’s Website Here:

1. Draw a picture of the weather. It can be rainy, sunny, cloudy, or windy. You can be at
the beach, with family, at the bus stop, school or home. Be creative!

2. On the back of your photo include: your first & last name, your age, and where you are
from (school or town).

3. Send your photo (or, teachers, send a packet of photos from your class) to:
WKRG News 5
c/o Color the Weather
555 Broadcast Drive
Mobile, AL 36606

or e-mail them to

4. Watch WKRG News 5 each weekday morning at 6:00am starting on 4/9/18 to see if your
photo is featured during Color the Weather.