Active tropics and tracking Dorian while the heat builds at home

More WFLA Tracking the Tropics

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Good evening everyone it’s all downhill from here into the weekend. Tonight is more of the same to previous nights this week. That means clear skies and lows in the middle 70s. Tomorrow, be prepared for the heat. Highs will be in the upper 90s and a few spots likely reach the century make. This is not including the heat index so stay cool and bring the pets inside. Our skies won’t offer any relief as they will be filled with sunshine and a few fair-weather cumulus clouds. It won’t be as hot Friday, but it’s still middle 90s.

Now to the tropics. They are active, but before getting into the details there are no foreseeable tropical threats to our stretch of the Gulf.

Starting with Dorian. It’s still a strong hurricane hugging the southeast coast. Hurricane warnings and watches continue from Central east of Coast of Florida north to the NC/VA line. Depending on how close Dorian gets will determine impacts like surge, flooding rainfall, erosion, and severe weather. As Dorian’s eye gets close to the coast of the Carolinas more than 5 ft. of surge is possible. This storm still needs to be taken seriously for those within watches and warnings.

Fernand made landfall in northern Mexico earlier today and will be fading away. The other tropical storm is Gabrielle. It’s likely to strengthen and may become a hurricane, but it will move into the central Atlantic and become what is referred to as a fish storm. It’s not a threat to land.

There are two tropical disturbances, both with a medium chance of developing. One in the central Atlantic that will continue north and one coming off of the coast of Africa. If this were to develop there is still plenty of time before it would even come close to land and there’s plenty of time to watch. As always, we’ll keep our eye out and if there are any changes, we’ll let you know. The peak of hurricane season is about a week away.  

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