MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The city of Mobile experienced an abnormal amount of total rainfall in the month of August, but despite producing nearly five more inches than normal, total rainfall in 2022 is far less than at this point than in 2021.

According to, Mobile totaled 65.16 inches of rain through the end of August in 2021, compared to 48.86 inches so far in 2022. In August 2022, there was 11.08 inches of rainfall, roughly five inches above “normal”, which is 6.87 according to National Weather service website.

WKRG meteorologist Caroline Carithers took a look at rainfall numbers for Mobile through the year on Aug. 26. According to Carithers, Mobile rainfall totals are about an inch above average through 2022.

Comparing 2021 & 2022 monthly rainfall totals

*The bolded numbers note the highest rainfall total month in respective year*

2021Rainfall Total (inches)‘Normal’2022Rainfall Total (inches)‘Normal’
January1.405.66January 2.395.66
February3.944.47February 2.624.47
July8.057.69July 9.897.69
August13.176.87August 11.086.87
September7.885.30September X X
October4.473.95October XX
November0.774.60November XX
December4.695.45December XX
TOTAL82.9767.08TOTAL (so far)48.8647.81

What does this all mean?

In part, Mobile has had less rainfall at this point in the year compared to 2021. In the first eight months of 2022, monthly rainfall totals have been above “normal” on four occasions. The biggest variance is the month of August, as previously stated. The heavy rainfall in August caused severe flooding, school early dismissal, bus re-routes, football game location moves and more.

2021 experienced roughly 15 more inches of rainfall compared to “normal” according to the NWS website. Comparatively to 2022, rainfall totals are roughly right on track through the end of August. There has been just over one more inch of rainfall than “normal” so far.

According to meteorologist Grant Skinner, the Mobile area experienced drier weather during the first couple of months of the year both in 2021 and 2022, while the summer months have been wetter than normal. The Mobile area was below normal in January and February, but much wetter during the summertime.