NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) Stephanie Suire and her 10-year-old son Conner Darby live toward the end of their mobile home community on Bradley Lane in New Iberia.

Suire left their home just before the tornado hit Wednesday to check on her father who lives nearby.

“I get down the road and I see the tornado coming,” Suire said.

“I see it hit and all I could tell my dad was it done hit the house. The tornado hit the house. OMG, Conner is in the house.” 

In shock, Suire said she ran back to her house jumping over broken power lines trying to reach her son. 

“I’m hollering Conner, and he’s coming up from the top and he’s screaming, momma.” 

The 10-year-old was trapped inside his home with his four dogs, two turtles, and his rabbits. He climbed out a window to escape.  

He was taken away by police who brought him to the hospital.

Although not seriously injured, doctors cared for a deep cut he got after jumping from a glass window. 

“It’s hard,” his mother said. “Our families are helping us pull ourselves together and God has been with us through this whole disaster.” 

What was once the stair way up to the Suire home is now broken metal, windows, and debris.

As they look through what is left, they ask for prayers. 

“One dog is still missing. A white female Maltese poodle. If you find her contact the family at 337-577-4468.

You can also help the family with donations of clothes, house items, and shoes and replace Christmas gifts for Dabry with help through their Gofundme account