Third graders at St. Paul’s learn about weather and the water cycle

Weather Education

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Today News 5’s Meteorologist Caroline Carithers spoke to third graders at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile. They covered a whole bunch of topics such as the water cycle, fog, dew, tornadoes, hurricanes, the states of water, hail, surface tension, and how meteorologists use and forecast all of these things!

Third graders Piper Clark and Will Stockman tell us what they learned about how meteorologists use the water cycle and a little bit about some of the stages of the water cycle. 

Piper explains, “[Meteorologists] use the water cycle to predict the rain and also types of rain like sleet, hail, snow, freezing rain and normal rain.”

Will tells us that, “Precipitation is when water droplets in a cloud form up and bond with other water droplets until they get too heavy. Then they fall onto the ground.”

Check out the video for more!


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