WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJBF) A Georgia congressman says he is safe during protests in the nation’s capitol. “Everyone is safe,” Rep. Rick Allen said in a text to WJBF NewsChannel 6’s Brad Means Wednesday afternoon.

The protests escalated after a planned rally that included remarks from President Trump. Thousands of the president’s supporters were in Washington, D.C. to protest the recent election and pending congressional count of electoral votes. Things escalated after the official rally as people stormed the Capitol building during the vote count. The count was suspended and lawmakers were evacuated.

Here is the full text from Rick Allen, the Republican representative from Georgia’s 12th congressional district:

“Everyone is safe. Capitol Police acted quickly to evacuate all members to a secured undisclosed location. Because of the unrest I required my staff to work remotely. We have provisions. Just waiting for order to be restored. Probably back in session in a few hours after they get the protesters out and sweep the Capitol.”

In a subsequent news release, Rep. Allen called the violence in Washington, D.C. “anti-American and unacceptable.” He urged protesters to respect law enforcement and leave the building immediately.