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LOS ANGELES (CNN Newsource) – A woman who is now known as “Subway Soprano” says the new support for her has been a miracle.

The homeless 52-year-old became a sensation after her performance on the Los Angeles subway was posted on social media.

On Monday night, Emily Zamourka sang the Aria that made her a social media sensation.

Her impromptu performance at a Metro purple line station in Koreatown last week was recorded by an LAPD officer and tweeted out.

The classically-trained violinist and pianist moved to the U.S. from Russia 30 years ago.

She made a living by teaching music lessons but she began to have serious health issues and later racked up huge medical bills that forced her to work several jobs to make ends meet.

Emily played her violin in the streets to make extra cash, but her $10,000 instrument was stolen a few years ago.

Unable to pay rent and bills, Emily became homeless.

Without a home, she sleeps on cardboard as a mattress in a parking lot.

Without an instrument, she performs for subway commuters with something that cannot be stolen, her voice.

“It sounds great when you’re in the subway. It sounds beautiful,” Emily said.

Not classically trained in singing, she sang in subways and collected donations from people around her.

She had this message to the LAPD officer who recorded that video:

“I am so grateful to this man because he really changed my life. I want to thank him so very much, because if he would not do what he did, I would not going to be here or anywhere else and people would not know about me and my talent,” Emily said.

A Los Angeles Councilmember says his office is now trying to find housing for Emily.

GoFundMe page set up for her has raised more than $40,000.

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