Turkeys terrorize Massachusetts neighborhood

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (CNN) — Turkeys are giving residents a hard time in a Cambridge neighborhood, especially so for a pregnant woman who’s been pecked at twice within a week.

Kenda Carlson/Attacked by Turkeys

“Next thing I know I’m encircled, they’re pecking at the back of my legs. A couple more appear and I cannot get away,” says Kendra Carlson. “Hovering over my belly, I’m kicking them behind me, I’m screaming bloody murder.”

She’s now on guard when she goes on her daily walks, and she’s not alone. Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife have taken several complaints for this flock in particular. Wildlife experts say it’s common for turkey to charge and peck during mating season.

“It’s literally just part of their mating ritual where they’re trying to assert dominance within their group of within their flock,” says Turkey Biologist David Scarpitti.

Experts say never run from a turkey: stand your ground, and use something to shoo them away.

No word yet on if those particular turkeys will change their tune when it gets closer to Thanksgiving.


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