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(WKRG) — Free Starbucks! That got your attention. It’s one of the top stories on

How to get free Starbucks this week

No, sadly you can not get a free Pumpkin Spice Latte, or ‘PSL’ as the kids say.

Wednesday, September 29 you can get a free Pikes Place coffee at any Starbucks coffee shop. You do have to bring your own cup though.

It can be iced or hot and up to 20 ounces which is equal to a Venti.

It is one per customer and in-store only, so you can not call ahead or use the drive-thru.

This coffee giveaway is to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. I can’t believe Starbucks has been around that long.

The Pikes Place roast is a medium roast and was named after Starbucks original store location in Seattle’s Pikes Place market.

Conecuh County students become published authors

Conecuh County news, not about sausage.

Eight students at the Southside preparatory Magnet Academy are now published authors.

The kids made children’s books and they are clever, including ‘Larry Lysol ends coronavirus’ and ‘Ace the disobedient dog’.

If you are interested in buying one the books can be purchased anytime by contacting the school.

Illinois man wins marathon after 2 leaders take wrong route

Have you ever missed your exit on the highway and had to take a long way around. That happened to two marathon runners and it cost them the gold medal.

Tyler Pence is the first US runner in 20 years to win the Quad Cities race in Illinois.

A volunteer bicyclist leading the route accidentally led the two Kenyan runners off the course making them disqualified.

The race officials say yes, the volunteer made a mistake, but the runners should have known the course beforehand and not followed him.

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