September 15: Alligators with ancient artifacts and Reba rescued in Oklahoma

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(WKRG)– CBS fan favorite ‘The Price is Right’ celebrating 50 years on-air this month. This is one of the trending stories on

‘Come on down!’: ‘The Price Is Right’ celebrates its 50th season on TV

Originally, the show debuted on NBC with an auction featuring four contestants and host Bill Cullen in 1956.

That lasted a few years and was canceled before CBS took it over in 1972. Legend Bob Barker hosted the show until 2007 when Drew Carey took over and that is where we leave it today.

They are doing bigger prizes this month to mark the 50th anniversary. This article talks about how far it has come — from giving away grandfather clocks to now full home gyms.

I did learn something new, those candidates that make it on screen but never get to come on down and play, still get $300.

Reba McEntire rescued from building after stairs collapse

Long-time entertainer and country legend Reba McEntire had to be rescued this week.

Video from Atoka, Okalohama shows Reba being led down a ladder from a second-story window.

According to reports, a stairwell in the building collapsed leaving multiple people stuck.

The building is more than 100 years old and reports say Reba and others were actually touring the building when the collapse happened. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

1,000 year-old artifacts found inside massive alligator killed at Eagle Lake

Not wanting to scare anyone, but do take note that rising floodwaters could bring along alligators.

Four men took down a 13-foot alligator at eagle lake in Mississippi weighing in at more than 700 pounds.
Not sure if it breaks a state record- but it is making headlines.

The processing factory found two Native American artifacts inside the stomach believed to date back 1,000 years.

Some experts say the pieces could have come from tribes around the Great Lakes.

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