Black Widow having a baby and Salem Witch trials are trending for August 19

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(WKRG) — There’s a new celebrity baby in the world and I couldn’t be more excited!

Whoa, baby! Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost welcome baby boy

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost welcomed a baby boy this week.

Scarlett is well known for many box office hits like the avengers series and Colin Jost a long-time co-host of the Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.

The couple named their son Cosmo. So for other Fairly OddParents fans, hopefully, he finds his Wanda, or maybe they name their daughter that if they choose to have another child.

Town finds joy in huge rubber ducky’s mysterious appearance in Maine harbor

Call Sesame Street, Ernie’s rubber ducky found a new home in Maine.

A giant rubber duck suddenly appeared in the harbor last weekend. Written on the front are giant letters spelling out ‘Joy’.

Townspeople have decided to take their time removing the spectacle. They still have no answer for where it came from.

The harbormaster says the 25-foot inflatable duck is not a threat to boats or marine life and fits the vibe of Belfast.

8th-graders push to get wrongly convicted ‘witch’ pardoned

The Salem Witch Trials, we’ve learned about them, but every one of those accused of being a witch has had their name cleared, except for Elizabeth Johnson.

A group of 8th graders just finished their studies on the 1690’s and put together a project with everything it would take to clear Johnson’s name. That project is now being presented to the Massachusetts State Senate.

Records show even Johnson’s mother and sister were cleared of the charges but since Elizabeth was not killed or had any children there was no claim to clear her name.

The teacher for the middle school class says the project was important to show the kids how they can make a difference even if it to set the story straight.

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