(DOUG JESSOP’S UTAH SUCCESS STORIES – ABC4 NEWS – Uinta Basin, Utah) There are some things that can’t be explained. In this episode of Utah Success Stories, you’ll see a preview of a nearly 30-minute interview with the owner of a supposedly cursed land in Utah, Skinwalker Ranch, that is the subject of a History Channel TV series.

In-Depth Interview LINK: Owner of alleged Paranormal Hotspot, Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal on Jessop’s Journal

Legend has it that supernatural activities occur on a piece of land surrounded by the Ute Indian Reservation in the Uintah Basin of Utah. Brandon Fugal bought the land five years ago and brought in a team of scientists to see if the legends were true. 

What’s the thing that he now knows that he didn’t know before that surprises him the most? Fugal replied; “I bought the ranch as a skeptic. As a healthy skeptic. I had never seen a UFO, a ghost, an orb, or anything of the sort in my life and I disclosed that to the previous owner.”

Fugal claims that he and his team have experienced unexplained phenomena.

I was surprised at how open he was as told me; “Those first six months of owning it I really saw nothing myself that would lead me to believe that there was anything unusual. Well that all changed. I had with multiple witnesses with me an occasion where we saw what can only be described as an unidentified flying object, a craft a forty, fifty-foot-long silver disc hovering right above the mesa. Right in front of us. This wasn’t just a blinking light in the sky or something that was a little bit ambiguous. This was a solid object that appeared out of nowhere could move in the blink of an eye and over a twenty second period perform maneuvers that I believe defy any propulsion physics that we’re acquainted with.”

I asked him, “So did you do one of those, did you see that?” His reply? We were in shock. We were in complete shock. It caught us all off guard. To this day, I’m surprised.

He continued; “This five hundred-and twelve-acre assemblage has become really the sight on not only global interest but is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet.

The property is the subject of an investigative series on the History Channel. called “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”.

What do you think? Watch the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch and decide for yourself. Season two of the secrets of Skinwalker Ranch starts May 4TH.

Everyone has a story. I strongly feel that “stories have power”. Chances are that if you are going through something, that someone else probably has as well. The shared experiences we humans have can help each other. That my friend makes the point that stories “help us understand each other.”

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in my opinion, if people would take more time getting to knowing more about others and where they are coming from, we just might find out that we have more similarities than differences.

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