VIDEO: Dad builds bobsled out of old motorcycle sidecars


(CBS NEWSPATH) — A Latvian father of two has taken his DIY skills to the extreme this winter by building a huge sledding track in his backyard in northern Latvia.

One ride lasts almost a minute with the bobsleigh going up to 30 kilometres per hour (19 miles per hour) along the 170-meter-long track (558 feet).

Aivis Berzins says he started building the track in his garden in Rujiena six years ago to provide an outdoor activity for his children.


“While one is going down, the other one can be pulled up,” said Berzins, while his four-year-old daughter Paula and her seven-year-old brother Miks took turns sliding along the track built along the apple orchard in their garden.

Berzins, who works as a sheep shearer, had no prior experience with bobsleigh driving before he put together the first meters of his track.

The project cost only 50 euros (60 US dollars), said Berzins, with most of the building materials coming from old wardrobes that he didn’t want to throw away.

“The rest is (my) initiative and joy of working,” he added.

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