UAB doctor says a second shutdown could be avoided in Alabama – as long as masks are worn


An expert on all things COVID-19 says the pandemic has brought a massive amount of information with it – and it can be hard to tease out the most important pieces to remember.

One thing everyone is wondering: “Will we have to shut down again?”

Dr. Rachael Lee from UAB says while some countries have already implemented a second stay-at-home order, she thinks Alabama may be able to avoid it – but it requires a strict adherence to wearing masks in public and taking social distancing seriously.

On top of that, she says the public should avoid areas that could potentially be high-risk locations, like indoor gatherings of groups of people.

Of course, she hopes there is not another surge. But if there is, she says UAB is prepared, just in case.

Even back in March, they thought through processes like field hospitals, in case a surge overwhelms hospital staff.

Even if the virus does spike and mutate in the coming months, Dr. Lee is confident it will not change to the point that current and developing treatments would not be able to target and treat the virus.

UAB is conducting trials in an effort to prevent hospitalization for the more severely diseased COVID-19 patients.

They are continuing with convalescent plasma treatment and have recently started outpatient monoclonal antibody studies (a lab-created antibody tailored to treat SARS-CoV-2) similar to what President Donald Trump had when he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

If you have COVID-19 and are within 10 days of your diagnosis, you can call (205) 934-6777 to see if you’re eligible to be a part of the studies.

Dr. Lee says COVID-19 information dissemination is still evolving as they continue to learn more from data and success stories.


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