Pensacola, Fla. (WKRG)-We all know Pensacola has a very rich history, and there’s a part of it’s history that still lingers throughout the city today.

That’s why Second Sight Paranormal started their paranormal investigating company, to help anyone living in the panhandle with their paranormal problems. This group is turning skeptics into believers.

A little over a year ago medium and psychic Ericka Boussarhane put together a team of locals. Each of them playing their own special part in the process of their paranormal investigations.

Some of the investigators are criminal experts, former military police, and even an anthropologist. Although coming from different backgrounds, they have one thing in common… having experiences with the other side.

Second Sight Team Member Robert says, “I’ve been in interest with paranormal since working on an ambulance and seeing my grandfather in the front passenger seat and he had been dead for 11 years.”

Since starting, the team has traveled across the panhandle solving and helping nearly 15 cases of paranormal activity.

“A lot of times we have people that are having trauma,” says Boussarhane. “We will have someone that is bothering the child. They are having noises and things fall off the wall, scary apparitions, bad dreams. I mean they are really feeling a sense of harm.”

The team says they’ve had some pretty haunting experiences.

“Well Richard who isn’t scared of anything decided to challenge a very bad spirit,” Boussarhane tells WKRG. “He also had a fan almost fall out on his head, I had another which her house flooded, dawn lost her keys that night and my car wouldn’t start.”

They know their are many people who don’t believe in their work, but they say that’s why you will have to join them this weekend for their first live paranormal investigation that’s opened to the public.

“We welcome skeptics we invite you to come out when the veil is thin during this Halloween and go to and come investigate with us and let us prove you wrong,” Boussarhane adds.

The LIVE investigation will let you use the equipment they use and give you a glimpse of what still lies beneath the walls in the city of Pensacola.

The Second Sight Paranormal team does this year-round and says each case can take days or longer depending on the situation. If the entity comes back they say they will always come back to help.

For more information on this weekends live investigation, click here.