Puppies found stuffed inside duffle bag on Bay Minette street in cold, rainy weather


BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — It was a disturbing discovery Wednesday night for Ed Eversman and his wife Teresa on D’Olive Street in Bay Minette.

“Just anger. Anger at people who would be so callous and cold,” Eversman said.

The couple was heading home from dinner when they spotted a duffle bag in the middle of the road positioned along the centerline. Ed could see a towel inside, but he wasn’t prepared for what he’d see next.

“As I moved one of the towels I saw the puppies laying in the bag. It was pouring raining. It’s a miracle a car or truck didn’t run over the bag,” he added.

Two puppies were stuffed inside of the bag. One was still clinging to life in the cold rain.

“I saw the black one first and it was cold to the touch and then I moved more of the blankets and I saw the white one. The white one was definitely deceased. It was stiff,” said Eversman.

Ed knew he had to act fast. He handed the puppy to Teresa and they headed home.

“I could see it take a breath. We scooped it up, we put it in her jacket and she held it to her body to try and get it warm and everything,” he said.

Unfortunately, the pup wouldn’t make it through the night. They’re not sure who would drop a bag of puppies on the cold, wet street and then drive off.

“It’s just hard to understand how people could do that to an animal. That animal didn’t come into this life by its own choice. It was just so cold to the touch that I think it died of hypothermia. They were both soaked to the bone and cold. When I picked up the black one I was amazed it was still breathing just how cold it was,” Eversman said.

The couple said they filed a report with authorities and contacted the animal shelter immediately.

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