Mobile County License Commission moves to appointment only


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile County License Commission has moved to appointments only, and it has posed problems for those trying to get through the door.

The appointment-only system went into effect a little over a week ago, where walk-ins aren’t allowed and making an appointment is only possible over the phone. Long lines when they originally reopened was the first reason and concern that made the Mobile County Commission Office create their appointment-only system as it posed a risk for the spread of the virus. Adam Bourne, the Mobile County Deputy License Commissioner, said the numbers were very high in the beginning

“We have days where there are 1,200-1,300 people just at our Michael Blvd. location, and so it is a huge volume of people that we are dealing with,” Bourne said. “And, of course, that poses unique challenges with dealing with COVID-19 to our employees and to the public.”

Viewers who reached out to us said they saw more problems, however. With the appointment-only system, they said making an appointment over the phone was nearly impossible. One person telling us he was on the phone for hours trying to get through.

Bourne says they are aware of the rocky start they had with the phone lines but says they have increased the numbers of clerks answering the lines and are also working on an online appointment scheduling system.

“We had a rocky start, there is no doubt about it, on the first day we thought we had everything in place, but we did have some issues with people being able to reach us and the frustration of COVID-19 is that we are in a situation that we have to adapt to all of these new rules and circumstances and that has taken a toll on our customer service,” Bourne said.

Bourne also says part of the reason for the delay is the backup left over from when they had to close their offices, so with each day they are trying to do what is best for the public.

“We know it has posed some inconvenience, but it is all about trying to keep the customer out of the heat, keep them safe for transmission of the virus so it is all in service of the customer,” Bourne said.

They hope to have their online appointment system up within a few weeks, but something to remember for those worried about tickets for expired tags — under Gov. Ivey’s order, you won’t be penalized until July 17.


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