MCSO: Lumber thief caught on camera


MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile County Sheriff reports on Facebook that it’s looking for a lumber thief. The post does not specify where the theft took place. But Team Sheriff wrote:

“How much wood would a ThugChuck chuck if a ThugChuck could chuck wood? NONE! ThugsChucks only make sawdust and sniff it.

MCSO needs your help identifying this ThugChuck. He needed that sawdust so bad he cut the fence of this lumber yard and took $500 worth of lumber.

Give us a call ThugChuck, 251-574-8633, and your real Thug name will be our little secret. #JK We promise not to bring the dogs if you promise not to run. #justkidding #again. If you want to send us a message about ThugChuck’s whereabouts, go to

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