PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Tin Cow will close Friday after 10 years of serving up its build-your-own burgers and boozy milkshakes.

Owner Joe Abston said the restaurant will close on Palafox Street after its lease wasn’t renewed by the restaurant’s building owner.

“It wasn’t on bad terms,” Abston said. “It was just time for the lease not to be renewed.”

Abston told WKRG News 5 he saw the opportunity a decade ago to bring something unique to downtown Pensacola.

“We saw a need really for something that wasn’t a bar but wasn’t a chain, where you could have family and late-night cocktails,” Abston said.

Tin Cow was born. Many of its fans came out on Tuesday after it was announced Monday the restaurant would close.

“Oh man, (I’m) disappointed,” said Ted Hamilton, who has frequented Tin Cow for at least three years. “It’s a great lunch or dinner joint, and we’re sad to see it go.”

The goal, according to Abston, is to relocate Tin Cow. But he’s not sure what the future holds, he said.

Brandon Sandefur said he’s hopeful the Tin Cow will return — wherever that may be.

“I was sad. It’s an institution,” Sandefur said. “We’ve been coming here since 2012, and I just can’t believe it’s shutting down.”

Debbie Garza and her husband, Graham, are from Niceville and say they always visit the Tin Cow when they come to Pensacola.

“We’ve been coming here probably for a couple of years since our millennial daughter introduced us to this because she had it first,” Debbie Garza said. “The first time we tried it, it was like, ‘ah!’ The tastebuds exploded.”

The couple was shocked when a WKRG reporter told them the news about the restaurant closing.

“It’s a shame because the atmosphere of the place — the history of the place is great,” Debbie Garza said. “I really hope they open up someplace else, and we’ll continue to go there if they do.”

Abston says there’s much he’ll miss about Tin Cow on Palafox Street, but he’s excited for what’s next.

“Thank you for the support in the good and bad times,” he said, addressing patrons of his business. “Not everything has been wonderful, but the customers have always been wonderful. We couldn’t have gotten here without our guests being taken care of by such great employees.”

Abston said there is not a timeline for a reopening or relocation of the Tin Cow.