BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — It feels strange talking about hurricane cleanup in January, but it’s the reality for many people in Baldwin County.

“Who knew that a category 2 would do this amount of damage? I know we’re still getting calls from people who haven’t seen a truck,” said Baldwin County Solid Waste Director Terri Graham.

Since September it’s been an uphill battle to clear debris Hurricane Sally left behind. Right now we’re still in the second pass of cleanup efforts through January 31st.

“We now estimate the project total to be about 4.3 million cubic yards of debris. Just the magnitude of what we’ve had to deal with has been enormous,” added Graham.

In most areas debris has already been removed, but it’s not hard to spot piles of debris in other areas like Bon Secour. Graham expects the large piles of debris that are left in the county to be picked up soon. Then, it’s on to the third and final pass.

“That’s when they’re actually going to do more of the spot work. So if we get a call saying hey we didn’t get this of hey when didn’t get that,” she continued.

By February 28th Graham expects crews to wrap up the debris cleanup efforts.