How to safely remove disposable gloves


MILLBURN-SHORT HILLS, NJ (CBS Newspath)–If you’re wearing disposable gloves while out during the coronavirus pandemic, there is a proper way to take them off so you don’t contaminate your hands.

Kristen Ryan from the Millburn-Short Hills, NJ Volunteer First Aid Squad explained the process.

When both your hands are still in gloves, pinch the palm of one of the gloves and then gently wiggle your fingers out without snapping the glove back.

Once you get your hand out, take that glove and roll it into a little ball using your hand that is still in a glove. The ball should now be in the palm of your hand that is still in a glove.

Now take your clean thumb and hook it under the cuff of the second glove. Turn the glove inside out as you wiggle your hand out.

You should now have a little bundle with the dirty surface on the inside.

Discard the gloves. Do not throw them on the ground of the grocery store parking lot or other public place. Put them in the trash.

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