Full-contact jousting: The Medieval sport that is still alive


ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — When people hear “jousting”, they likely think of the medieval times and a sport that took place long ago. The Knights of Valor, a group of students and instructors, take full-contact jousting on the road to make sure the historic sport stays relevant.

Jousting started in 1066 during the Battle of Hastings where the Normans attacked the Saxons. Shane Adams, an instructor, tells us, “The Knights of Valor kept not just the style of jousting that was used in the Battle of Hastings, but we’ve now reinvented the sport to today’s modern day and age.”

Fiona Cormack, a jousting student, explains that jousting is when two knights on horses run and hit each other with lances but there is also a point structure. You get one point for a touch, 5 for a broken lance, and 10 for a de-horsing. You also have to hit the knight on a certain spot on the armor.

Steven Thompson, a new jousting student, sats he used to run marathon distances during Spartan obstacle races, but full-contact jousting has been the hardest thing he’s ever done.

The Knights of Valor tour across the county competing and hosting events such as Renaissance, Medieval and state and county fairs. Adams says he loves to teach anyone the sport as long as they have the passion and work ethic.

Want to see some jousting? Check out the video.


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