MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A story you will only see on WKRG News 5. Siblings are fighting for justice one year later after their mother, Clarissa Murphy was killed in a crash. The driver accused of hitting her was allegedly under the influence of Fentanyl.

That man, Brandon Mann, is now behind bars, with no bond after he was arrested again for driving under the influence of drugs.

It was March 9, 2020, when Clarissa Murphy was heading home after leaving the funeral home, finalizing her son’s arrangements. A simple drive back home to her family, when the unthinkable happened. She was rear-ended on I-65 near Chickasaw and killed.

One year later her children are fighting for justice, hoping the man charged with manslaughter in the crash won’t cause another family this amount of pain, again.

“When does it stop? When can we have closure?” said Donyelle Rees, Murphy’s Daughter.

Closure, a difficult task for Murphy’s family.

“There’s anger, of course, there’s a lot of pain. A lot of things taken away from me that can’t be replaced,” said Travaris Leslie, Murphy’s Son.

Investigators said Mann was under the influence of Fentanyl when he hit Murphy on March 9, 2020.

He was arrested at the time, but due to delayed toxicology results, he was granted bond with conditions at the request of the District Attorney’s Office.

As soon as the toxicology results were in, the case was sent to a grand jury in November.

While out on bond awaiting trial, Mann found himself back in police custody on March 8 of this year, just a year after the crash that killed Murphy on I-65, for allegedly driving under the influence while out on bond.

“He never should have been out of jail in the first place,” said Reese.

“This is one of the most horrific stories and sadness all over it,” said Virginia Guy, Executive Director, Drug Educational Council.

Guy said many things may have fallen through the cracks here due to the pandemic, but it still raises a major concern about cracking down on repeated DUI’s.

“If there is somebody when they first get in trouble if we can make a big deal about it. Don’t wait until somebody has died or there’s been a horrible accident,” said Guy.

Guy said with opioids it becomes a bit tricker than your normal DUIs based on users. But it still falls under the same rim for immediate help, providing accountability and recovery.

“We have an excellent drug court program in bot Mobile and Baldwin Counties where the court can order the person into treatment as an alternative to jail,” said Guy.

Murphy’s children are hoping for Mann to be held accountable and to hopefully get the closure they need to begin healing from this tragic loss.

“We haven’t reached a level of satisfaction in this yet and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out at this point,” said Leslie.

“He’s 29. He needs to be held accountable. I believe that his testimony and his story after he receives the help, he can prevent or help someone else and keep this from happening for someone else and that’s what my prayer would be for him,” said Davon Lyons, Murphy’s Son.

The family says they have had overwhelming support from family and their community during this time to keep pushing until justice is served. Mann will be held in jail without bond until trial.