BIKER DAD REPORT: Autism awareness, biker saved by first responders he fed during pandemic, and vigilante bikers asked to hit the brakes


MILTON, Fla. (WKRG/BIKER DAD) — April is Autism Awareness Month, and every year it starts out with a roar. Hundreds of motorcycle riders roll out to support families and make a loud statement about the condition.

One of those bikers is Steve Grant, who has organized the ride for more than 15 years in the honor of his niece April Nicole Grenier. I spoke to him during the 2019 ride, unfortunately, COVID canceled the 2020 ride. “In her world we’re the ones who are different,” he told me back then. The annual ride started when she was only a toddler, now she’s 20 years old.

The ride is Saturday. You can get all of the information by clicking here.

A biker who goes by the name of Butter spread his love during COVID-19 to first responders and just got repaid many times over. Butter and his biker buddies spent the lockdown riding around New York City feeding first responders. “If we help them, they’re helping more people,” said Butter.

Those words were almost prophetic. Butter had a heart attack and some of the same EMTs he fed, saved his life. “It’s priceless I would probably have to feed them for the rest of my life because they gave it back to me,” said Butter. The EMT’s gave him something else, a special plaque for his efforts to feed the first responders.

Vigilante bikers are being asked to hit the brakes on their efforts to bust online sex predators. Prosecutors in Indiana say Bikers Against Predators are actually hurting the cause because they don’t follow legal procedures.

“Shaming someone and embarrassing them might work for a short time, but then they are just going to Move on and be smarter about how they are engaging in their crimes,” said Vickie Becker, Elkhart County Prosecutor.

The bikers disagree, “we are not trying to condemn them or embarrass the crap out of them, what we are trying to do is bring awareness to this whole issue of online child predators,” said Adair with  Predator Catchers Incorporated.

Read more about the controversy by clicking here.

And we’ll end on a fun note, bikers and cops not clashing but connecting through cookies. A local motorcycle group, the Punishers, bought up all the cookies from some Baldwin County Girl Scouts. They didn’t pull over on the highway to eat them or devour them in a smoky biker bar. They rode all over Baldwin County giving the cookies to cops. More pictures here.

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Chris Best is the News Director for WKRG. He’s a husband and father of four. He’s also a motorcycle enthusiast.

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