MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The movie ‘Son of the South’ is now slated for release in theaters and online in February. It tells the often turbulent story of Bob Zellner’s experiences at the forefront of the civil rights movement for six decades.

The movie is even being recommended by a branch of the United Nations as ‘Best World Peace and Tolerance Narrative Feature Film.’

“Which will probably get a lot of eyeballs on the movie because everybody is looking to see what is happening in the United States right now,” said Zellner.

The film is based on Zellner’s book, ‘The Wrong Side of Murder Creek.’ It was directed by Montgomery native Barry Alexander Brown with Spike Lee serving as Executive Producer. Lee also has ties to Alabama where the movie was filmed, in Montgomery and Baldwin County.

Zellner, who lives in Fairhope, says a lot of young actors from the state are in the movie and he hopes it will inspire younger generations.
“It will give a lot of us an opportunity to speak to a lot of young people about the job ahead of them in healing the wounds that we’ve been trying to heal since the civil war and even before,” said Zellner.

Zellner says the ground work laid by activists during the civil rights era of the sixties is still paying off. He offered the state of Georgia as an example–a state which recently elected its first black person, and a Jewish person as Senators.