A 91-year old is knitting at home to help during the pandemic


NORFOLK, England (CBS Newspath)–One 91-year-old is knitting for a very special cause while staying at home in Norfolk, England.

Margaret Seaman was brainstorming ways she could help the UK combat the coronavirus pandemic. She decided to knit a hospital made of yarn to raise money for the UK’s National Health Service. “I thought what can I do? I’m no good to go out to work anymore because of my age. But what can I do?,” she said. “And I thought, well, I can knit, I’ve knitted the other things and raised money with them.”

The hospital of yarn features patients, hospital staff, beds, wards, waiting rooms, all things you would see in a real hospital. It’s been dubbed “Knittingale Hospital.” The name is a tribute to Nightingale Hospitals, which were set up during the coronavirus pandemic.

Seaman says of her work: “I hope people will enjoy looking at it. If they enjoy it as much as I have knitting it, that will be fine.”

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