SANTA ROSA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — A woman who fell in love with a man she met online found dead inside his Milton home. Why did he do it? This is the story of Vickie Edge.

WKRG News 5 is looking back at the crimes that shocked the Gulf Coast. Vickie Edge’s story is the tenth in the series.

According to friends and family, Vickie Edge had the biggest heart and would do anything she could to help others. The 59-year-old business owner would spend her off time volunteering at a women’s shelter and she had agreed to donate a kidney to one of her friends who needed it.

Edge wanted the same things that everyone else wanted: happiness and love. Her want for love led her to join some online dating sites. It was through one of these that she met 61-year-old Jerry Odum.

The first time Edge and Odum were supposed to meet Odum blew her off. After this, however, Odum showered her with gifts and promises, which made Edge fall for Odum, hard. To Edge, the couple was in a good place, they were planning on getting married in October. All of that came to a head in August 2020.

Aug. 6, 2022, was the last day anybody heard from Edge. Her family became concerned and by Friday night the police were called to do a welfare check. Officers went to Odum’s house and that’s where they found Vickie’s body. Officers said the body was badly bruised and beaten.

It was after officers discovered Edge’s body that they truly learned how deep the couple’s relationship was. A few days before the murder, Odum gave Vickie a check for $15,000 to go towards their upcoming wedding. This would have been fine if Odum had the money.

Officers went through security camera footage and saw Odum purchase a baseball bat just days before the murder. This was ultimately determined to be the murder weapon.

In his interview with police, Odum said Thursday night he drove around the city and booked a hotel room that was 30 miles away, meaning he could not have been at the home at the time of the murder. He also told detectives when he returned home Friday that he discovered Edge’s dead body.

Investigators later allegedly got a confession from Odum. Odum was charged with first-degree murder. In 2021 Odum plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

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