ATMORE, Ala. (WKRG) — A man traded in his car for the gun he used to kill his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend had previously told police she was afraid of the man. This is the story of Tina Jones.

WKRG News 5 is looking back at the crimes that shocked the Gulf Coast. Tina Jones’ story is the twenty-third in the series.

Tina Jones and Cedric Floyd had been dating for two years before they broke up in November 2010. According to court documents, the relationship between the two had been very tumultuous and in November, Tina decided to end things with Floyd. Tina, a single mother of four children, had started dating a new man after the breakup.

On Dec. 31, 2010, Tina and her three youngest children decided to stay the night at her aunt’s home because she was afraid of Floyd. Tina’s uncle and his girlfriend were living at Tina’s home with her and the children and were staying at the home alone that night.

Tina’s uncle woke up on the morning of Jan. 1 and walked into the living room where he saw Floyd sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette. The uncle had no idea how Floyd had gotten into the home and called Tina to let her know what was going on.

After getting off the phone with her uncle, Tina and her dad went to the Atmore Police Department to report what had happened. Tina told an officer at the station that Floyd had broken into her house and stolen her cell phone. The officer said that Tina could file a complaint for burglary and theft, however, she did not want to do that. Instead, Tina wanted a restraining order against Floyd. The officer told Tina the police department did not issue restraining orders and that she would need to take other steps to get a restraining order.

Throughout that day, Floyd sent threatening and sexual text messages to Tina’s 18-year-old daughter Ky’Toria. Ky’Toria told Tina about the messages and that afternoon the mother-daughter duo went to the police station to report the messages. Tina met with the same officer from earlier in the day and told him that she was afraid of Floyd. She said when Floyd was previously in jail, he had called her and said he had people watching her. Tina also told the officer that Floyd had told her aunt he was going to kill Tina and then kill himself. Ky’Toria did not file a complaint against Floyd because she said she was scared that he would come after her family.

The officer told Tina that officers would drive by their home throughout the night. The officer also told Tina to turn her porch light on that night and if Floyd showed up to the home to turn the porch light off to signal the officers who would be driving by.

Around 11 p.m. that night, Ky’Toria and a friend came home and spoke with Tina who was lying in bed. Ky’Toria and her friend went to her room and turned on a movie, however, Ky’Toria testified that she dozed off soon after turning the movie on. Around 12:45 a.m. on Jan. 2, Ky’Toria jumped up from her sleep when she heard a loud bang. Floyd came into Ky’Toria’s room and demanded her car keys. Ky’Toria asked Floyd why he was there, to which he didn’t respond, rather he took Ky’Toria’s cell phone and her friends, cell phone, glasses and dog tags and left.

At that point, Ky’Toria woke up her great-uncle and his girlfriend. The three went into the den and Ky’Toria called 911. Ky’Toria didn’t know her mom was dead yet and had called 911 because Floyd was in the house. Tina’s uncle went looking for her and ended up finding her lying in the hallway with a pool of blood around her. They then called 911 again and asked for an ambulance.

First responders arrived on the scene and began working on Tina. The four other people inside the house were taken to the police station. One of the paramedics testified in court that Tina did not have a pulse and was not breathing, however, a cardiac monitor was put on her and it seemed as if there was electrical activity in the heart. Tina was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later. Her cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

Tina had a gunshot to the back of her head, her face, and her back. A forensic scientist testified in court that Tina more than likely could have survived the gunshots to her face and back but would have died because of the shot to the back.

30 minutes after the shooting, Floyd called 911 using Tina’s phone and said he was the person the police were looking for. Officers picked up Floyd in Freemanville and took him to the Atmore Police Department where he gave two statements and confessed to killing Tina.

During the penalty phase, Floyd waived his right to council and represented himself. Floyd presented four witnesses and various records including medical, school and community corrections program records. An IQ test was also done by Floyd before the trial and he scored an 82.

Floyd was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to death. He is currently being held in the Holman Prison on death row.