MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A man took his wife and son to get a paternity test because he didn’t believe the boy was his son. Is this paternity test what led to their untimely demise? This is the story of Angel and Ayden Woolf.

WKRG News 5 is looking back at the crimes that shocked the Gulf Coast. Angel and Ayden’s story is the twenty-sixth in the series.

Michael Woolf, along with his wife Angel and their two-year-old son Ayden, went into Resultz Corp in Mobile on Feb. 15, 2008. According to court records, Michael had begun to doubt that Ayden was his biological son and Resultz Corp was “a biological testing laboratory.”

The company collected DNA from Michael for a paternity test to determine if he really was Ayden’s father. Witnesses said Michael seemed stressed about the test results and about the fact that Ayden might not be his. When leaving the company, Michael asked one of the employees to pray for him.

Michael received the results and on March 3, 2008, he and Ayden went back to Resultz Corp. Michael told an employee he was confused about the test results and needed them explained to him. At one point, Michael told the employee he was “just worried” about what other people were saying about Ayden’s paternity. When Michael and Ayden were leaving, Michael asked the employee if she believed in God and asked her to pray for him.

Just after midnight on March 5, a 911 call was made and the man on the other end of the line, Michael Woolf, said he had just killed his family and needed to go to jail. Mobile police and paramedics were dispatched to the Woolf home.

Two paramedics with the Mobile Fire Department were parked in a rescue truck at a Circle K waiting to be told when they could safely enter the home. Michael pulled up to the Circle K, parked his car in front of the rescue truck, got out of his car and walked up to the truck.

One of the paramedics got out of the rescue truck and approached Michael who said “You need to call the cops.” Michael told the paramedic that Ayden had walked into the room and then he heard two gunshots and blacked out. He then tried to leave but the paramedics told him not to.

An officer with the Mobile Police Department stopped at the Circle K when she saw the paramedics. When the officer was getting out of the patrol car, Michael allegedly walked up to her with his hands in a handcuffed position. Michael then told the officer, “I poisoned my wife and put me in handcuffs.” He also told the officer that he had blacked out.

While getting into an MPD patrol car, Michael said “My wife poisoned me,” and “My wife made me do it.” Michael later said, “I may have actually done it.”

During the same time, other officers with MPD were arriving at the Woolf home, where they found Angel and Ayden’s bodies. Both had been shot. The officers also found a “sock print impression that was in blood,” and many bloody shoe impressions. Officers found a .38 caliber revolver on the living room floor. The gun held two spent casings and one cartridge.

Michael was placed under arrest after an interview with MPD investigators. As he was changing into his jumpsuit, Michael pulled off a bloody sock and “kind of wadded it and touched it to his mouth and kissed it and said ‘oh, my baby.”

During the trial, Michael called multiple witnesses on his behalf including three of his neighbors and three MPD officers. Michael also testified saying he and a friend went riding around on March 4. Michael said when he returned home Angel confronted him about being away from the house.

Michael, according to his own testimony, went riding around by himself and smoked marijuana, took two Darvocets and drank multiple beers. He then said when he got home he took the gun inside the home with him.

Angel then allegedly confronted him again and grabbed his arm, at which time he said he pulled away from Angel and shot the gun behind him to scare her. Michael said Angel then screamed and said “You shot Ayden.” Once Michael saw he had shot Ayden he shot Angel. Michael then called 911 and left the home.

At the end of the trial, the jury delivered a guilty verdict on both murders and recommended the death penalty by an 11-1 vote. After the hearing, the circuit court sentenced Michael to death.