MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A teenager was reported missing after visiting with her dad. He was later found by authorities at an Arkansas mental health facility, without his daughter. This is the story of Brittany Robinson.

WKRG News 5 is looking back at the crimes that shocked the Gulf Coast. Brittany Robinson’s story is the thirtieth in the series.

Brittany Robinson was 14 years old when she was last seen on June 14, 2012. According to the Charley Project, Brittany was dropped off at Demetric Hooper’s, her father’s, home on McCovery Road. She was supposed to be visiting Hooper for only two days. It’s been over 11 years and Brittany still has not been seen since.

Hooper left Mobile almost immediately after Brittany was reported missing, according to the project. Six weeks after her disappearance, an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Authorities located Hooper at a mental health facility in Arkansas in September of that year. Hooper allegedly suffered from schizophrenia and was getting treatment there. Hooper had been hospitalized many times in Alabama for his mental health problems before Brittany went missing.

When authorities found Hooper, they also found that Brittany was not with him. He was charged with felony custodial interference. Law enforcement was able to find that Hooper had traveled a lot throughout the southeastern states once Brittany disappeared. At some point, Hooper was in Memphis, Tenn. and took a bus from there to Arkansas.

When Hooper was arrested, police found knives, rope and Brittany’s pink iPod on him. He told officers he was not involved in Brittany’s disappearance.

Hooper did not have a squeaky-clean past when he was arrested in 2012. He had previously been arrested for domestic violence and third-degree assault. Relatives to Hooper said they don’t believe Hooper had anything to do with Brittany’s disappearance.

It is unknown what really happened to Brittany Robinson. Searches of Hooper’s home gave law enforcement no evidence of where she could be. She was supposed to begin high school at Murphy that fall.

Brittany has still not been found. She would be 25 years old today. Anyone with information about where Brittany may be or information on her disappearance should contact their local law enforcement agency.