We are 24 hours away from the first effects being felt of Tropical Storm Cristobal

Tracking the Tropics

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — This is an interesting storm because it’s not going to be your classic symmetrical looking storm. We have a lot of dry air feeding into the west side of the system causing the eastern side of the storm to hold the bulk of the rain and the wind.

We are about 24 hours out from the first effects being felt along the gulf coast. This is what a typical day looks like on the causeway. The waves are around 1 foot for the most part amd everything looks calm.

We all know what happens when we get gusts up to 20 mph from the south, the waves stack up on one another and that’s when we start to see flooding along the causeway

Now imagine that, times two, with tropical storm force gusts possible.

Those two ingredients together already call for a flooded causeway and we haven’t even considered the rainfall totals on top of that.

Coastal flooding could be an issue along multiple areas on the gulf coast, especially during high tides on Sunday and Monday. I spoke with Jeff Corrier, Mayor of Dauphin Island, to see what they are doing to prepare for Tropical Storm Cristobal.

“Under the tropical storm watch and under the current path and intensity, I think our main concern is going to be focused at the west end at where they are susceptible to some flooding,” says Mayor Corrier.” We’ve got sandbags out for individuals to come to do a self serve on those if they feel like they need them, those for our residents. but it just makes us kind of refresh to make sure we’ve done everything we need to do. we check with our various department heads to make sure they are ready.”


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